Payday loan: Pay the loan from one euro a day


Pay as you want from one euro a day , which is becoming a highly recommended option and so it already has with many positive opinions .

New customers can access online payday loan of 200 euros and already consolidated customers have their limit of 800 euros .

Requirements to grant a payday loan

Requirements to grant a loan

  • Be of legal age (between 18 and 65 years old)
  • Not appear as debtor in any list of defaulters 
  • Have a minimum regular income of 500 euros, regardless of whether it is a payroll, pension, etc.)
  • Appear as a bank account holder
  • Provide a mobile phone number and an email account.
  • You need to have a credit or debit card so that the payment automatically arrives when the return date arrives.

New clients, at most, grant payday loans of up to 200 euros, and applicants who are already clients of the entity, are granted up to 800 euros.

The minimum amount of money that can be ordered is 50 euros.

How do you apply for payday loans?

How do you apply for loans?

The procedure is as simple as accessing your web portal and filling out the online form that you have posted on request , once you have indicated the amount of urgent money you need and the time period in which you will return it, the system of the website It will indicate that personal and banking information you have to fill out, as well as documents that justify your situation. The last step of the request is that you will be asked to confirm the number of the mobile provided.

They will examine your request very quickly and the response time depends on the financial data that you have contributed, through which they will qualify you as a risk operation or not, and they will immediately inform you if the offer has been accepted, have the money available on the same day.

The income of the money in your account number will be done in the same day or it will take a few more hours depending on if your bank and yours are the same or not.

How is the return of the payday loans carried out?

Like any other credit that an entity grants you, you must return it on the due date indicated, along with the agreed interest or fees.

The form of return can be in cash through cash in or through bank transfer and even using your debit card operating from your customer area.

has a great advantage: grants extensions of up to one month in the event that you do not have the money necessary to reimburse them the credit granted on the established date. This possibility differentiates them from other payday loans, since not all private equity entities allow the extension of the repayment term.

To extend the term, you have to communicate it before the expiration date establishing communication with your customer service department , but try not to go to that extreme because that extension will tax you with new interest and fees.

Before applying for quick payday loan online   Make sure that you are going to be able to return the money, because if you did not do so, the entities could even resort to request the inclusion of your name in the various credit rating agencies and fraud prevention.