Non-bank loan up to PLN 6000 up to 18 months

Today I will present a new brand that has appeared in the recent months on the loan market in Poland. The main character of today’s article will be company, which I will try to present more closely. And from your side traditionally, I will count on opinions on the services offered by the company.

There are some belongs to those companies that provide non-bank loans in installments . So this is the perfect proposition for these people. who do not want to take a payday because they are afraid of the short period they will have to repay the loan. In the case of the offer, we can choose the period in which we will pay back the borrowed cash. If someone is interested in quick repayment, they can choose the shortest possible term of 3 months. People who need more months to repay the loan will have a choice of up to 18 months.

Non-bank loans up to PLN 6,000

I have already mentioned the time we will have to repay the loan, now a few words about the amount of the loans. Via , we will be able to borrow from 1000 PLN to 6000 PLN. This is the maximum amount that is available in the company’s offer. I would not be surprised, however, if it would be increased in the near future. Loan companies that start their first steps often increase the loan limit after the first few months of operation.

What are the conditions for to its potential customers? To get a non-bank loan through , we must be at least 21 years old. We should also have a permanent place of residence in Poland and a regular source of income. After a positive acceptance of the loan application, the loan transfer is carried out directly to the borrower’s bank account. It is worth mentioning here that belongs to some of the companies that allow you to get a loan without transferring fees . For this purpose, the company uses a proven Instantor system , about which I have occasionally been able to write on the pages of our blog. Thanks to such a system, not only we do not have to make a transfer before obtaining a loan, but also present documents confirming the income obtained.