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Often it depends simply on 500 euros, which could bridge a short-term financial bottleneck. Most lenders approve loans but only from 1000 euros. The reason is the cost-benefit factor, which means that often the cost of the loan is higher than the loan amount. House banks and branch banks are grateful for a quick loan without private credit 500 euros. One way to solve the bottleneck would be to use the MRP loan. But if you have already exhausted it completely, you can look around the internet for a quick loan without private credit 500 Euro.

the initial situation


The credit check for an urgent loan without private credit 500 euros is the same as for a loan with a higher loan amount. The bank will check the income, check the private credit and check the permanent position. However, this may not be limited in time and may not include a probationary period. In addition, the bank checks on the basis of a budget whether the loan seeker can even pay a loan.

In doing so, the bank compares revenue and expenses, including any other loans and installments that may be required. The result should be an acceptable balance. If the loan seeker fulfills these conditions of the bank, an emergency loan without private credit 500 euros will be granted. But the borrower has to expect another hurdle for an express loan without private credit 500 euros.

If you are looking for an urgent loan, you want to hold the loan amount quickly in your hands. Then it is first to find a provider who also offers a loan with this loan amount. There are three known providers that provide the mini-loan 500 euros. However, the loan amount must be repayable within 30 or 62 days. The interest rate for this loan without private credit is 500 euros higher than the conventional installment loan.

With a double-digit interest rate, the customer has to expect, for example, at 12-13%, depending on creditworthiness and significantly higher. In the case of an express credit, an express function can be added as an additional product. If you do not book this, you have to expect a credit processing time of up to 15 days and longer. In addition, the loan seeker should know that the first loan application from these providers can not be an emergency loan as advertised.

Here, the provider will first check the creditworthiness of the customer. Likewise, the postident procedure – the identity check – must be carried out. If the customer then more often this mini-Eilkredit claims, then he lives up to his name.

In the case of an urgent loan, it is extremely important to truthfully fill in the own information. Since these loans do not have a comprehensive credit check, the customer’s must be flawless. Only then can the express loan be provided at the promised pace. The provider is often sufficient proof of income. Those who have no regular or sufficient income or can not provide any other collateral will then be offered a risk loan.

Then, however, the computer-controlled automated test procedure, which indeed makes the speed of the emergency loan, can not be claimed. However, if the customer meets all conditions, he can quickly receive the mini credit and thus quickly bridge the financial shortage until the next salary is booked to the account.

The conditions

The conditions

If the customer now has a bad private credit, so restrict the credit offers and the providers. Especially in this credit range the express loan is set to absolute repatriation of a loan. If the loan is not properly repaid, the loan will be transferred to a collection agency, which will incur additional costs for the client.

Equally important, precisely because the loan must be repaid within 30 days plus interest, there is still enough money left over for the remainder of the month. 500 euros plus interest and express function tear a big financial hole in the monthly budget. This should consider the customer in the application for an express credit without private credit 500 euros.

There are, as already mentioned, three known providers that provide this form of credit. But only one offers the express loan without private credit 500 euros too. In particular, it is Viloan. Since this lender reserves the right to scrutinize the financial situation of the customer, the loan processing will take a few days, at least on initial application. To be able to provide an urgent loan, the customer need not be 18 but 21 years old and have a net income of 700 euros, which is received regularly.

The Targobank also offers an urgent loan over 500 euros. However, the private credit must be in order. The express loan is offered with an income starting at 601 euros.

Like all other lenders, Viloan does not rely on the oral testimony of the customer but would like to see a proof of income. If the customer is unable to do so or if he does not wish to provide proof of income, no credit will be approved. Every loan application will be thoroughly checked if it can be approved. The customer also receives no new loan before the old one is not paid.

The legitimization of the customer does not need to be done with the Postident, but with the viaverify-U. If the identity check is carried out at the post office, the issued coupon can be sent by e-mail to Viloan or uploaded to the customer’s account. If questions arise, the customer can have them answered during opening hours by phone or e-mail.

The loan application is not subject to the opening hours, but can be carried out day and night, including holidays and weekends. If the customer has completed the loan application and sent it to the provider, this will be checked on the basis of the information in the self-report. Important to know that the customer must be a German citizen and should have his residence as well as a checking account in Germany.

If the credit rating is not quite sufficient, a second borrower or a guarantor could increase the credit chances. But with a loan amount over 500 euros, these collateral really are not appropriate. Here a guarantee would be more expensive than the loan at all.


Even if an express loan without private credit 500 Euro is a small loan amount, it must also be repayable. As mentioned earlier, the term is extremely short in these mini-short-term loans. Not everyone can repay 500 euros plus interest at one time for their additional expenses. So that no difficulties arise, the customer should pay attention.

The providers do not hesitate long and give the claim often fairly quickly to a collection agency, which is then really expensive. Although it is warned three times, but also in the reminders are already costs. The client should only take out an emergency loan without private credit over 500 euros if he is able to repay the loan at the agreed time.

As research in the relevant forums showed, it takes a few days until the money is booked in the account. However, this speed can only be expected if the customer meets the conditions of the bank. The creditworthiness must be impeccable. If you have a bad private credit, you may have trouble there.

Normally, customers use their disposition when a smaller amount of credit becomes necessary. If an income is regularly booked, the bank will provide the customer with a disposition. It should be noted that the Dispo is one of the most expensive loans. It should only be used for a short time. But the customer has the opportunity to return him with his financial resources, which means he does not have to be paid in one amount.

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